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[MST] House of Night 3: Chosen, Chapter 10

Ten chapters in ten months! We're on a roll. Last time, the party fought over something that was already a foregone conclusion, and Aphrodite revealed that someone who already theoretically died at least twice is going to die again.

Also, for my own health, from here on I'm quietly stealing TaeKaraDo's language policy from their Fat and Ugly spork:

I'm just going to establish a new rule in my sporks now. Whenever a word like ["crazy"] crops up in this fic, I'm gonna replace it with a word that actually means what they were going for, without throwing neurodivergent people under the bus.

The original text will generally still be present, just with a strikethrough (like this).

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Link share: LibriVox 12th Anniversary Podcast

Public domain audiobook service LibriVox recently had its 12th anniversary, and their latest community podcast includes a moving retrospective from commonsparrow3 (a.k.a. Maria Kaspar) about the impact LibriVox had on her late father in his last days. It's a must-listen, but keep your hanky handy.

Shameless plug: I contributed the cover for the first book excerpted, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, vol. 1.

LibriVox 12th Anniversary Podcast No. 145


I'm delighted when a work is re-titled for a foreign market and instead of being annoyed by this, the original creator is like "hahaha, that's amazing, I'm gonna steal it for myself". E.g.:

  • Rurouni Kenshin was called Samurai X in some territories; in Watsuki-sensei's next work, Busō Renkin, a character had an attack called "Samurai X"
  • Meitantei Conan was changed to Case Closed in English for legal reasons, and this became the semi-catchprase of an English-speaking character later on
  • After Gunnm became the significantly more pronounceable Battle Angel Alita for English-speaking audiences, an arc took place in which the titular Gunnm took on the alias of "Alita"


Given the subject matter, I was 100% certain that a recurring line in Area 11's song "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill" was together, we can grow some balls. I only just discovered it was in fact together, we can go so far. >_<

[MST] House of Night 3: Chosen, Chapter 8

Last time, Zoey began a secret, illicit affair with one of her teachers who was obsessed with beveled mirrors. She decided not to have sex with him yet because it's time for another painstakingly-described yet inaccurate and stupid ritual! This one got really ranty, but I'm not even sorry.

Content warnings: fire, rape mentions

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