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Given the subject matter, I was 100% certain that a recurring line in Area 11's song "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill" was together, we can grow some balls. I only just discovered it was in fact together, we can go so far. >_<

[MST] House of Night 3: Chosen, Chapter 8

Last time, Zoey began a secret, illicit affair with one of her teachers who was obsessed with beveled mirrors. She decided not to have sex with him yet because it's time for another painstakingly-described yet inaccurate and stupid ritual! This one got really ranty, but I'm not even sorry.

Content warnings: fire, rape mentions

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Having been a Lawful Good child myself, I can state with some authority the following facts about Iida Tenya:

  • when they were kids, his older brother told him that bread was made of wood, and dogs and cats are the males and females of the same species; he believed these without question
  • he did in fact delete the "evaluation only" MP3s he had downloaded after 24 hours
  • "no, I am under 18"
  • he accidentally read some PG-13 Pokémon fan fiction when he was only 12 and cried about this for at least a week

[MST] House of Night 3: Chosen, Chapter 7

Sorry for the sudden long wait. First, this chapter was just so spectacularly bad, far beyond what I was prepared for.

Then Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election and I didn't really feel like laughing for a while.

This was all on top of my attempt to get a legal name change and a host of other personal stuff that's less relevant to this blog. But now I'm back! And thanks to my local secondhand store, I have my very own paperback copy of this monstrosity.

Last time, the professors came back and one of them was a creep. That's still happenin'.

Content warnings: a teacher makes out with and propositions a student

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